Meet Team Fiend

In reverse alphabetical order, here are the regular contributors to the Diary of a Crossword Fiend venture:

Dave “Evad” Sullivan got his moniker when he first posted at the old NYT Puzzle forum under the member name “evadnavillus.” He was at first mistaken for a Croatian housewife obsessed with American crosswords named Evadna Villus. He just had his fifth daily puzzle accepted for publication in the New York Times, and has had over 20 puzzles published in other media outlets. He lives with his partner in Woodstock, Vermont, where they raise chickens, vegetables, bees and hopefully soon, goats. Along with tending to all things technical here at DOACF, Dave has helped out fellow bloggers Brendan Emmett Quigley, Tyler Hinman and Matt Gaffney.

Janie Smulyan has a background as a performer and lyricist, and is a (minimally) published constructor (still workin’ at it!).  For two years she blogged the daily CrosSynergy puzzle (with more than a little help from Evad!); for a little over a year, the Sunday Washington Post’s “Post Puzzler” (once a month); and now she blogs the Crossword Nation puzzle (weekly). She couldn’t be less impressive as a solver if she tried (and she has…); nor more obsessed by crosswords (and she is).  She counts herself as one of the many here “…bedazzled by language and addicted to [what] Cyril Connolly called ‘unbreakable toys for the mind.'” (Alistair Reid)

Ben Smith is a project manager in Somerville, MA who’s been into crosswords since 2011 and into puzzles for much much longer than that.  He hasn’t had any crosswords published yet, but he has had puzzles at a few NPL conventions (when he left a stack of them on the table in the handout room) and has cat-herded a few BAPHLs.  At Fiend, he blogs the AV Club crossword and BEQ’s Thursday puzzles. He finished 261st at the last ACPT and 7th in the Outside Track of the Indie 500.  Outside of crosswords, Ben blogs about SNL and other TV shows for What Else is On, bakes awesome things, and is generally Good At Internet.

Doug Peterson constructed his first crossword in 2003 and had no idea what he was getting into. He’s an accomplished constructor (over 500 puzzles published) and solver (ACPT 2008 Rookie of the Year), though you can’t always tell that from his blog posts. He gets distracted easily. Now where was I? Oh right. Doug blogs the occasional puzzle when we can rope him into it. His hobbies include attending crossword tournaments and watching old episodes of Sanford and Son.

Jim Peredo is the world’s only crossword constructor from Guam.* A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Electrical Engineering and English, he has been using this knowledge in his current position of stay-at-home dad for the past 17 years. Formerly, he was in the Air Force serving as a communications officer. His wife is still in the Air Force which means they move around a lot; they are currently living in the UK for the second time in their Air Force career. Aside from crosswording, Jim is into geocaching. Of course, he enjoys puzzle-type geocaches and it was his creation of a few geocaching puzzles that led him to believe he could make crosswords as well. He needed a lot of hand-holding, but is proud to have a growing number of publications under his belt. (Why he’s eating them, we don’t know.)

*Citation needed.

pannonica currently lives with a cat. Just one.

joon pahk is a full-time dad and part-time puzzlemaker with his own puzzle website. here at diary of a crossword fiend, joon blogs matt gaffney’s weekly crossword contest. outside of crosswords, joon’s main interests are trivia and sports, especially soccer. he can’t stand pets or long walks on the beach.

Erin Milligan-Milburn is a pediatrician in the Philadelphia area. She started solving crosswords as a child but didn’t discover the competitive world until 2012. Since then, she has worked her way into B Division, where she will be stuck for life. Erin has constructed 1.1 puzzles so far and would love to find a free live-in babysitter for her daughter and son so she can work on a few more. When not solving or blogging the Sunday Washington Post puzzle, she enjoys sleeping, talking to her cats Blooper and Luma, and trying to find local ramen as good as that place in Akihabara where the food is ordered from a ticket vending machine.

Jenni Levy is a veteran of the Will Weng and Eugene Maleska puzzle eras, and heir to a family crossword tradition that goes back to Margaret Farrar. The Cruciverbal Internet has opened her eyes to indie puzzles, 0.9 mm Pentel pencils, and the delights of crossword competitions. Everything she knows about The Simpsons, she learned from crossword puzzles. She is also a hospice medical director, mom to a teenage ballerina, and an avid Yankees fan.

Andy Kravis is a puzzlemaker, editor, trivia writer, and sometimes attorney in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2011, his puzzles have been published in the NY Times, the LA Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Fireball Crosswords, AV Club, 20 Under 30, Crosswords with Friends, Outside the Box Puzzles, and semi-regularly on his own blog, Cruciverbalist at Law. He is one of the co-directors of the Indie 500 Crossword Tournament. He finished 11th at the 2017 ACPT and won Lollapuzzoola 10. His greatest accomplishment to date is being kissed by Ryan Seacrest. At Fiend, he blogs the Thursday NYT puzzle.

Adesina Koiki (Ade or Addie for short) of Brooklyn is a relative newbie to crosswords and the crossword world. His first crossword tournament was Lollapuzzoola in 2011, and he’s been competing in the ACPT ever since. He’s the founder/editor/jack-of-all trades of the sports website, A Lot Of Sports Talk, and also a freelance reporter/editor at ESPN The Magazine. He’s spent time on the radio as a play-by-play broadcaster for one of the Baltimore Orioles minor league affiliates (Delmarva Shorebirds, Class-A) in 2007, and still does play-by-play here and there to stay sharp. He also likes to cook any cuisine involving chicken and/or cornbread.

Angela Olson Halsted (a/k/a PuzzleGirl) doesn’t blog much any more but can occasionally be talked into covering a puzzle or two. She has had several puzzles published in The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, one solo and the rest collaborations with either Michael Sharp, Doug Peterson or Jeff Chen. When Angela isn’t solving puzzles, she’s a legal secretary who lives in the Washington, D.C., area with her husband and two children. She’s a sports fan who loves the Washington Nationals and follows Iowa Hawkeye wrestling. She seriously doesn’t have enough time for her hobbies.

Matt Gaffney has been a professional crossword puzzle writer for the past 15 years. His weekly crossword contest is here, his daily 11×13 is here and he shares his musings on crosswords at Gaffney on Crosswords. At Fiend he blogs Brendan Quigley’s Thursday puzzle, Pete Muller’s Monthly Music Meta, and Patrick Blindauer’s monthly weblog puzzle.

Sam Donaldson is a law professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta. In 2008, he attended his first American Crossword Puzzle Tournament as a 40th birthday present to himself. Later that year, his first crosswords were published in the USA Today, the New York Times, and the New York Sun. Since then he has published dozens of crosswords in various venues. He has also published two word search books. Once upon a time, he blogged the weekly Boston Globe puzzle here at The Fiend, and from April 2011 to April 2013 he covered the daily CrosSynergy puzzle. Sam tag-teamed with Janie and Gareth to review the late, great Washington Post Puzzler, a Sunday freestyle crossword, from April 2013 through March, 2015. From March through August of 2015 he reviewed the weekly puzzle from the late Merl Reagle. A perennial contender for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Sam has been approached by several high-level Nigerian officials to receive substantial sums of money in exchange for his bank account information.

Laura Braunstein, a librarian in northern New England, is a newishish constructor and aspiring competitive solver who was inordinately pleased to have placed 6th in the Rookie division at Lollapuzzoola 10. She occasionally guest-posts at Rex Parker Does the NY Times Crossword Puzzle, and covers the Monday BEQ and Tuesday WSJ for Fiend. When not crossing words, she reviews graphic novels for No Flying No Tights, edits Wikipedia, bikes and skis on mountains, and discusses politics with her kids.

Gareth Bain: Born ’86, Port Elizabeth, South Africa in a hospital (we have those); qualified veterinarian at East London SPCA since 1 August 2012. Has been known to publish the odd puzzle. Also fond of baking and bird-watching (though combining the two would be a bad idea).

Derek Allen is a UPS delivery driver currently living in Elkhart, IN, but is hoping to move soon to where it never snows (although being snowed in does allow more time to solve puzzles). He is a rabid sports fan (favorite sport: tennis!), avid Jeopardy! watcher, and while he has had an appearance on Sports Jeopardy, he is dreaming of appearing on actual Jeopardy! with Alex Trebek. He has run two marathons and hopes to run a few more someday. Being a compulsive puzzle solver, he can’t remember the last day that passed without him solving a crossword puzzle!

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Players retired from the team:

Jeffrey Krasnick of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, has won four Foreign Division trophies at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, where he has finished as high as 29th overall. Jeffrey blogs the LA Times puzzle every Thursday. Jeffrey was mentioned on 53 episodes of the Fill Me In crossword podcast and has the spreadsheet to prove it. Jeffrey wishes he could spend more time at Walt Disney World and in February, 2013 had his first published crossword.

Jared Hersh is a college math teacher in Santa Barbara, CA. He accidentally became a member of The Crossword Community after sending an email to the late, great podcast Fill Me In. His other main crossword credential consists of a plan to finish in the 10th percentile (no, not 90th) at his ACPT debut next year. In addition to being bad at crosswords, Jared is a competitive runner and sleeper. While the running is free of performance-enhancing drugs, the same can’t be necessarily said about the sleeping.

Neville Fogarty is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Kentucky who’s been solving crosswords since preparing for a game show in 2007. He had his first crossword published in the LA Times in 2008, and while still contributing there, he also blogged the LAT Tuesday and Thursday puzzles here at The Fiend. He also publishes a weekly crossword when he’s not playing racquetball or ultimate Frisbee.

T Campbell is a writer of comics, blog posts, books and more. An occasional contributor to the Fiend, he’s preparing to publish On Crosswords, a 63,000-word rumination that began with his work here. He’s produced the 14,400-square Ubercross C-Spot, the largest known crossword to follow standard American rules (no repeated words, no two-letter words, no uncrossed squares and totally solvable). Other crossword credits include Crossworlds: 50 Crosswords for the Science-Fiction Fan, a 2500-square “warm-up” called the Ubercross Fiddy and the cross-comic story Crossover, guest-starring Amy Reynaldo.