Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hex/Quigley untimed (pannonica) 


LAT 9:01 (Amy) 


NYT 8:26 (Amy) 


WaPo untimed (Erin) 


Meta crossword fans, a new year of the Muller Monthly Music Meta begins on Tuesday, January 16. Answers are due by next Sunday, and subsequent puzzles are released on the first Tuesday of each month. As before, there’s a mega-meta involving all 12 of the year’s crosswords and their metas. Good luck to you all!
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

LAT 5:38 (Derek) 


Newsday 34:44 (Derek) 


NYT 4:27 (Amy) 


WSJ untimed (pannonica) 


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Friday, January 12, 2018

CHE untimed (pannonica) 


LAT 6:23 (Gareth) 


NYT 4:00 (Amy) 


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

BEQ untimed (Ben) 


LAT 4:31 (Gareth) 


NYT 2:44 (Andy) 


WSJ untimed (Jim P) 


Fireball  untimed (Jenni) 


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Mentoring for women (and others) who want to learn to construct crosswords

The first thing your mentor would tell you here is that you don’t want a 13-letter theme answer when you’ve got a pair of 8s in the theme … and that this grid is ugly and the theme is lifeless

Erik Agard wrote on Facebook:

among the many reasons 2017 was an execrable year: the numbers on gender in crossword puzzling remained very bad! in the new york times, for example, though 10 women had their debut puzzle run (the highest number since 2011), the overall proportion was 13% of puzzles constructed by women (the lowest number in my lifetime). [13% is terrible! Decades ago, it was closer to 50%.—Ed.]

in the spirit of a recent nyt article (“why is fixing sexism women’s work?”, lindy west, jan. 3), i’d like to ask something i’ve never thought to ask before: men of crossworld, what can we do to combat sexism in our community, and to boost those constructor figures by a percentage point or forty? what specifically are you personally going to do in 2018 to make it happen? please think about it and let me know in the comments, and let’s be each other’s accountability buddies.

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