One week to detonation


Peter Gordon’s launching his Fireball Crosswords on January 14. If you haven’t subscribed yet—$10 a year for one puzzle a week, usually a tough themeless—head here to sign up. You can even pay extra to have Peter include the answer of your choice in one of his puzzles.

Peter does terrific work (fresh fill, interesting clues, no qualms about making solvers rack their brains) and I can’t wait for the Fireballs to heat things up around here. I’m not sure which day I’ll blog them, but blog them I will.

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2 Responses to One week to detonation

  1. Gareth says:

    That second sample puzzle sure was something… An oldie but a goodie! A 2X2 square enjambment of XZJQ is pretty phenomenal!

  2. Zulema says:


    Liked that one much better than the first, which had an unsolvable crossing for me at 21A and 3D. Was it an O or an A? I hope there will be fewer pop-culture clues in the future than in the first one.

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