Daily Beast, 1/22/10

“Kings of Late Night” – 11:42

Hi everybody. Jeffrey here for another week of fun with Matt.

KingsLet’s wade into the wild world of late night talk shows this week. I have

7D. [Plenty of work ahead] – MUCH TO DO, so let’s race through this one:

Theme answers:
22A. [List of people who work for Leno?] – JAY CREW CATALOG
34A. [Jack’s “Tonight Show” boss?] – ONE OVER PAAR
52A. [Personalize Dick’s talk show?] – CAVETT YOUR WAY. My favourite.
68A. [Souvenir in Dave’s gift shop?] – LETTERMAN JACKET
90A. [O’Brien who got licked?] – ICE CREAM CONAN
104A. [Carson’s secret supply of jokes?] – JOHNNY CACHE
120A. [When Handler wakes up? ] – CHELSEA MORNING (Oops. A song by a Canadian without a link. Hope they don’t my maple leaf away. Fixed!)

44A. [Part of an Alec Guiness role] – OBI
21D. [Mr. Sulu portrayer] – TAKEI

Let’s play…28A. [Swoosh company] NIKE

29D. [2008 French Open winner Ana] – IVANOVIC
47D. [Kind of tennis shot or sword] – TWO HANDER
99D. [Spanish tennis star ANABEL Medina Garrigues]

…or golf…
1D. [Vijay Singh’s homeland] – FIJI
86D. [Three-times Masters champ Nick] – FALDO

…or basketball…
35D. [Sweet Sixteen org.] – NCAA
40D. [Vlade formerly of the Lakers] – DIVAC

…or hockey…
56D. [Hockey arena] – RINK

or something else…
8A. [Players Ball attendees] – PIMPS

Hungry or thirsty?
59A. [SNO-Caps (theatre candy]
78A. [Drink, as milk] – LAP UP
108A. [Totally drunk] – BLOTTO
126A. [Devoured] – EATEN
3D. [“The Banana Boat Song”, familiarly] – DAY-O
72D. [Type of chip] – TARO
103D. [Almond Joy minus almonds] – MOUNDS

I don’t believe you:
4D. [“My printer broke”, for example] – EXCUSE
14D. [Make something up] – LIE
67A. [“Nonsense!”] – BAH

Fly me…
53D. [Flyer to Jerusalem] – EL AL
80D. [Carrier that lengthened its name in 1996] – US AIR

…or drive…
63A. [Automobile with its name in big letters on the side] – LE CAR. They don’t make them anyone. Also true of the Saturn Aura that I drive. Go to its website and you’re suggested to get a Chevrolet. Sigh.

And some music:
66A. [Detroit Mayor Dave or Fortune columnist Stanley] – BING
111A. [St. Louis-born singer] – AKON
114A. [Big AUDIO dynamite]
70D. [Where “Saturday Night Fever” broke out] – THE DISCO
89D. [“High Hopes” lyricist Sammy] – CAHN
104D. [Wynonna and Apatow] – JUDDS

And finally…

19A. [It ain’t me, babe] –YOU. Clue of the week!
64A. [Kirin rival] – ASAHI. Japanese beers. I had no idea.
42D, [Washington, Roosevelt or Clinton] – SURNAME. Tricky, tricky!
91D. [Mugger’s weapon, in Britain] – COSH. a hyperbolic function. Math is dangerous over there. Also known as blackjack. Card games are also dangerous over there.

Another fun puzzle from Matt. See you next week!

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8 Responses to Daily Beast, 1/22/10

  1. joon says:

    i don’t get CHELSEA MORNING.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    CHELSEA Handler has her own late night talk show “Chelsea Lately” on the E! Cable Television Network.

    CHELSEA MORNING is a song by Joni Mitchell. Yes a song by a Canadian that I failed to cite. Chelsea Clinton was named after the song. I’ll add the link in the post.

    Bad blogger!

  3. joon says:

    okay, so i was only two references away from appreciating that pun. 0 for 2, not bad.

  4. Bruce S. says:

    Thanks for the writeup Crosscan. I knew who Chelsea Handler was, but I have never heard of that song. This one took me 23:16, but I was sleepy. I liked all the puns quite a bit. Another fun Beast. Have a good weekend all.

  5. Howard B says:

    Seconding Joon. I am a poor, poor pop culture vulture, so E! talk show hosts are pretty far out of my ken, unfortunately. I should check into that stuff a little bit more. A little :).
    Besides, I didn’t know the song title either, so the answer missed me as well. My bad there. Timely puzzle, Matt.

  6. Matt Gaffney says:

    Not my favorite 60s anthem, but here it is:


  7. Joseph Tomczyk says:

    Seeking the 1/22/10 WSJ “Making a Few Bucks” by Colin Gale,
    I’d appreciate any guidance you’ll share.

  8. Joseph Tomczyk says:

    PS/FYI: Using the Search Site link above for “Colin Gale”,
    I found it at http://www.crosswordfiend.com/blog/2010/01/21/friday-12210/

    vs this http://www.crosswordfiend.com/blog/2010/01/22/daily-beast-12210/
    via my book-marked http://www.crosswordfiend.com/blog/ ???

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