Crossword movie nominated for 5 awards

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has announced the nominees for the Razzie awards. I am delighted to report that All About Steve, the movie whose lead character is a crossword constructor, received an impressive five nominations:

  • Worst Picture
  • Worst Actress (Sandra Bullock)
  • Worst Screenplay (Kim Barker)
  • Worst Director (Phil Traill)
  • Worst Screen Couple (Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper)

Good luck to all concerned! The Razzies will be awarded on March 6, the night before the Oscars.

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2 Responses to Crossword movie nominated for 5 awards

  1. joon says:

    has anybody won a razzie and an oscar in the same year? sandra definitely has a shot. i know halle berry has one of each, but i don’t think they were simultaneous.

  2. jeremy horwitz says:

    I don’t think anyone has for acting. But composer Alan Menken did it for work in ’92 (Oscar: “Aladdin” / Razzie: “Newsies”) and screenwriter Brian Helgeland did it (’97; O: “L.A. Confidential” / R: “The Postman”).

    On a somewhat-related note: Amy Irving was nominated for _both_ awards for her role in “Yentl” (as was James Coco for “Only When I Laugh”).

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