Wall Street Journal 4/16/10 and Saanich News 4/9/10

Alice Long’s “Joint Accounts” Wall Street Journal Puzzle – 8:03

Hello again. I’ve got a bonus “puzzle” after we look at today’s Wall Street Journal. Parental discretion advised.

Not much to this one. Six hidden “TALES” across words in the theme answers.

WSJ Apr 16 10

Theme answers:

115A. [Account that joins words in seven of this puzzle’s answers] – TALE
23A. [The Hatfields and the McCoys, e.g.] – MORTAL ENEMIES
33A. [View from the umbra] – TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Heart
49A. [Program crasher] – FATAL ERROR
63A. [Property purchases, e.g.] – CAPITAL EXPENDITURES
80A. [Wiseacre] – SMART ALECK. Who me? (Thanks, Lori. This smart aleck missed it)
90A. [Psychic force] – MENTAL ENERGY
107A. [Punished effectively] – TAUGHT A LESSON

Other stuff:

41A. [“Walk Like ___”] – A MAN
67A. [Physician to gladiators] – GALEN. I read that he was “probably the most accomplished medical researcher of the Roman period.”  Who was rating them back then?
68A. [Gore of music] – LESLEY
73A. [Photographer Diane] – ARBUS. She was noted for black-and-white square photographs of “deviant and marginal people”. That’s what it says.
75A. [Extinct wingless bird] – MOA. It’s not insulting enough to be wingless, but to be extinct too? Poor bird.
77A. [Risk-offsetting contracts] – HEDGES. Always hedge your foreign currency if you are planning to go to Crossword Puzzle Tournaments in foriegn countries.
86A. [Youngest of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”] – IRINA. The youngest is always the smartest, most brilliant and best looking.
103A. [Oscar-winning composer Tiomkin] – DIMITRI
32D. [Kirk’s “The Bad and the Beautiful” co-star] – LANA. Douglas and Turner.
42D. [Venezuela’s second-largest city] – MARACAIBO. 3.7 million people. Wow.
45D. [All-time RBI leader] – AARON. Hammerin’ Hank.
52D. [Co-creator of Curious George] – H. A. REY with wife Margret Rey.
77D. [Bar mitzvah highlight] – HORA/84D. [Easter event] – EGG HUNT.  What if EGG HUNT was a Bar mitzvah hightlight and HORA was an Easter event? We could all live in harmony.
89D. [Edmonton player] – OILER. They finished last, way out of the playoffs.
100D. [“The Amazing Race” host Keoghan] – PHIL. Love this show.
106D. [Carole King’s “___ Too Late”] – ITS

 That’s all I got on that one.

Enough with commenting on the “good” puzzles. I found one in the local paper (“Saanich News”)  that merits discussion. Everything I am reporting is real.

1A [Father] – DAD crossing 1D [Opposite of mamas] – DADAS
20A [Sulawesi] – CELEBES
22A [Take a seat] – SIT
23A [___s – Nam’s neighbour] – LAO
34A [Sales receipt] – PROOF OF PURCHASE (the middle “P” is unchecked)
44A [Italian commune Lona – ___] – LASES
55A [Former $10 US gold coin] – EAGLE crossing 45D [Am. birds of prey] – EAGLES
13D [R___se – let go] – ELEA
21D [Bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich] – BLT
32D [Left heart there] – SF
37D [Expression of uncertainty] – UH
56D [An assistant] – AID

Unreal, huh?

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10 Responses to Wall Street Journal 4/16/10 and Saanich News 4/9/10

  1. Matt Gaffney says:

    Scan and post the Saanich puzzle please. I’m begging here.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I’ll try Matt. Some technical difficulties at the moment.

    This week’s paper just arrived. Not as many gems but it does have:

    35A [___s – SE Asian country] – LAO as a repeater from last week.

    7A [Lu___er – the devil] – CIF

    This could turn into a regular feature.

  3. Eric Maddy says:

    Does Tim Parker edit the Saanich News crossword?

  4. SethG says:

    Page 21 of this PDF.

  5. Lori says:

    Oops! You only listed six of seven “tales” (115A). The “missing” one is 80A [Wiseacre] – smarT ALEck.

  6. Alex says:

    Here’s a PDF – no scrolling required.

    I guess it’s called “The Press Crossword” but I can’t find anything more about it except that a shockingly large number of publications run it.

  7. Jon88 says:

    Maybe not the best blog entry to post the Saanich info, what with ALA crossing ALAMODE. (Mike! How could you?)

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Thank, Lori. I totally blew that. I’ve updated the post, with full credit. “seven” D’oh!

    Thanks Seth and Alex for tracking down the PDF. Sad to think many people believe that is how a crossword should be.

  9. joon says:

    not to defend the saanich, but sulawesi/CELEBES is totally legit. the other clues are indeed hilariously bad. i guess the UH clue is fine, if you’re going to have a two-letter word in the grid.

    and jon, i noticed it too, but … it’s hard to edit your own work. a fresh set of eyes would have helped, i think. i’m inclined to give it a pass, so i’ll just pretend ALA was clued as an abbreviation for the state.

  10. Jeffrey says:

    Joon, I don’t doubt that one is legit, just that it is completely out of place on an otherwise Monday level puzzle.

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