Wall Street Journal, 4/23/10

“Presented in 3-D” by Randolph Ross –  11:34

Put on your wacky glasses because today’s puzzle is “Presented in 3-D”.

WSJ Apr 24 2010

Wait, you don’t need glasses to see that the theme answers are all three words long, with each word starting with D. Well, I need glasses to see that (or anything else).

Theme answers:
24A. [Conducted careful predeal research] – DID DUE DILIGENCE. Doing due diligence will help determine if predeal is a real word.
37A. [Time to lose ties] – DRESS DOWN DAY. Does your office call it that?  We have casual Fridays.
49A. [School poster admonition] – DON’T DO DRUGS. Very 1980s.
65A. [K, in code] – DASH DOT DASH. Morse code. Very 1880s.
84A. [She played Bryana on “The Bernie Mac Show”] – DEE DEE DAVIS. She is 15, a TV star,  and a puzzle theme answer. And how is your life going?
93A. [Contract provision] – DROP DEAD DATE. I’m working on a project with a DROP DEAD DATE of Tuesday. And yet, still I blog.
112A. [Creme-filled treats] – Oreos. No? DRAKE’S DEVIL DOGS. How can I know this? Hmm. Once owned by the Canadian company Culinar and they are kosher. How can I not know this?220px-Whippet_cookie Culinar once owned Viau, maker of Whippets, the greatest cookie ever!!!

“Whippet cookies are produced in Montreal, Canada. They consist of a biscuit base topped with marshmallow and then coated in a hard shell of pure chocolate. Whippet cookies first came to the market in 1927, although they had been produced and distributed by Viau under the name “Empire” as early as 1901. Today, the cookies are still produced in Montreal at the east end of the Viau factory, which is now owned by Culinar Inc. They are currently available with both dark chocolate and milk chocolate coatings, and with several flavors of fruit jam filling inside the marshmallow…the combination of the hard chocolate shell and the air-filled inner marshmallow make them self-destruct when placed in the unpressurized or semi-pressurized cargo section of an airplane.(Wikipedia). Which is why we don’t have them in Victoria.

3D. [Italy’s equivalent of the Oscar] – DAVID DI DONATELLO.
41D. [Zorro’s alter ego] – DON DIEGO DE LA VEGA. I think it means Don went to San Diego via Las Vegas. I could be wrong.

Other stuff:

20A. [“Where Is the Life That Late ___” (“Kiss Me Kate” song)] – I LED
46A. [Answer to “Where’s that last piece of pie?”] – I ATE IT. Also, where’s the last whippet?
57A. [Terr. split in 1889] – DAKota. I bet it was announced by Morse code.
81A. [Needing a decision whether to continue] – GO-NO GO. Roger, roger.
90A. [Tony winner for “Pippin”] – VEREEN
96A. [First name on the Food Network] – EMERIL. Bam!
1D. [Language that gave us “flummery” and “crag”] – WELSH. Thank you, WELSH. Where would we be without them?
2D. [Writer Shreve] – ANITA. Some writer, it appears.
4D. [Sleet] – ICE RAIN. Freezing rain is the term used around here.
11D. [Band with a lightning bolt in its logo] – AC/DC. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. 4-D!
18D. [“Zip” follower] – A-DEE by the Jackson 5?
26D. [“Failure ___ an option”] – IS NOT. Actually, it is.
38D. [Double ___ Oreos] – Drake’s Devil Dogs. Oops. STUF
48D. [Stick it in your ear] – Q-TIP. don’t do dat. It’s a …
59D. [“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”] – BAD IDEA
63D. [He chats with Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon] – RYAN
83D. [African bird related to the starling] – OXPECKER. Poor bird.
99D. [“Take ___ Around” (Temptations song)] – A LOOK. Obscure song day.

Dats done dudes!

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  1. Evad says:

    Wouldn’t a DROP DEAD DATE be drop dead gorgeous?

  2. ArtLvr says:

    Reads like a WSJ headline — Moody’s didn’t do due diligence… dubbed dud debt instruments double A.

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