Heads up on the Thursday NYT

Patrick Merrell of Wordplay let me know that this Thursday’s New York Times crossword includes a Notepad note with info needed to solve the puzzle. If you typically try to solve without peeking at the Notepad, make an exception this time.

Also, the clue numbering will be different in the print and Across Lite versions, but the puzzle will work fine in electronic form.

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3 Responses to Heads up on the Thursday NYT

  1. joecab says:

    Hope there’s gonna be a PDF of it.

  2. LARRY says:

    Hi Amy – Unrelated question: I just got around to doing the MARCHING BANDS puzzle from the 7/11 NYT. I got it all; but the last clue in the B Band calls for a shaving tool and what BEQ wanted there was PLANEE (not PLANER). I can’t find any clue to what a PLANEE is. Can you please explain??? Many thanks.

  3. Amy Reynaldo says:

    Larry, it’s simply PLANE. The other E is the start of the B band’s ENTRAP and doesn’t double-dip as the end of the last B band word.

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