Wall Street Journal, 8/13/10

“Getting a Little R&R” by “Maryanne Lemot” – 13:55 (paper)

Maryanne Lemot anagrams to “not my real name”, so it is editor Mike Shenk all the way today.

wsj aug 12 10

Theme: A little Rest and Relaxation added to phrases with wacky results.

Theme answers:
23A. [Game for visitors to the Tate Gallery?] – NAME THAT TURNER (Name That Tune) – Ike, Lana, Tina, John…
33A. [Ceramic polecat?] – FERRET OF CLAY (feet of clay). Good one.
47A. [“No getting away from me! Now give me a trim!”] – I GOT YOU BARBER (I Got You Babe). Best of the bunch.
62A. [Object of an insult from Gordon Ramsay?] – SORRY SAUCE (soy sauce)
69A. [Pig who’s not all that bright?] – SLOW PORKER (slow poke)
81A. [Person who makes sculptures of extinct animals?] – MAMMOTH CARVER (Mammoth Cave)
95A. [Accessory for King Midas’s bride?] – GOLDEN GARTER (Golden Gate)
110A. [Labor group for first-string players?] – UNITED STARTERS (United States)

Other stuff:
12A. [Subway systems] – METROS, as in Montreal
25A. [His work is on the house] – ROOFER. Didn’t fool me.
28A/89A. [Noted jazz arranger] – GIL EVANS
55A. [(PRODUCT) RED co-founder] – BONO. After he and Cher split up.
68A. [Manual reader] – USER. I do. Do you?
73A. [Capital indicator] – STAR. Didn’t get this at first. On a map.
76A. [They have needs for reeds] – OBOISTS. They hog all the puzzles.
80A. [Wilma’s husband] – FRED. Alan Reed was the voice of Fred Flinstone. I don’t think he was an oboist.
90A. [“Did You Ever ___ Dream Walking?”] – SEE A. No, but I saw a nightmare gallop.
102A. [Big money amt.] – BIL. If you have a bil, you can shorten it any way you want.
118A. [Many Justin Bieber fans] – TWEENS. Should I? Well, he is Canadian. 284 million views?!
7D. [Poorly suited to working in public relations] – GRUFF.
12D. [Danny’s daughter] – MARLO. The Thomases.
15D. [Disconcerted] – RUFFLED. Gruff, ruff, uff…that didn’t get very far.
24D. [Title role for Bruce Boxleitner] – TRON. Coolest movie ever! And a new version is on the way! Check out the tronorail
37D. [Language spoken throughout Canada] – CREE. Well, yes, but it ranks 18th in population by mother tongue at 78,885 (2006 census).
43D. [Kazan of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”] – LAINIE. I always think of Windex. (4:40 into the clip)
49D. [Cat also called a jaguatirica] – OCELOT. I would change my name too.
55D. [KFC choice] – BREAST. Safe clue.
56D. [Music’s Mahler] – GUSTAV
86D. [Xylophone player’s needs] – MALLETS
106D. [Grammy winner James] – ETTA

19D. [Note from a recipient] – THANK YOU! Bye!

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