Wall Street Journal, 8/20/10

“Loaded Language” by Dan Fisher – 18:09


WSJ aug 20 10

Theme:  Things a Drunk Might Say, or add an “H” and change one word phonetically, with wacky results

Theme answers:
23A. [Trademark of a polished criminal?] – CRIME SHEEN (crime scene). Charlie?
25A. [Bunch of tools for a gallery worker?] – SHOWING KIT (sewing kit)
34A. [Tool for shaping roofing pieces?] – SHINGLE FILE (single file)
56A. [Middle-of-the-road car part?] – FAIRISH WHEEL (Ferris wheel). Fairish answer.
64A. [Crabs caught on a sandbar?] – SHOAL FOOD (soul food). This might work without the question mark.
71A. [Deep cut that’s kept immobilized?] – INERT GASH (inert gas)
77A. [Leg part that’s not a prosthesis?] – ORIGINAL SHIN (original sin). Boy, that was really a deep cut.
97A. [Celebration that’s so secret the address isn’t divulged?] – CACHED PARTY (cast party)
108A. [Electric eel with a batch of eggs?] – SHOCKER MOM (soccer mom)
112A. [Shot of whiskey downed in a hurry?] – RUSHED BELT (rust belt)

Not really theme answers:
93A. [Experiences a growth spurt] – SHOOTS UP (suits up)
17D. [Squire’s burden] – SHIELD (sealed)
65D. [Temple newbie] – FRESHMAN (fressman)
91D. [Five iron, formerly] – MASHIE (Massey)

This one was a tough go. The clues didn’t seem to lend themselves to quick solving. Even the theme I didn’t quite get until much later, other than the “add an H” part.  Having 10 theme answers is a nice touch.

Other stuff:
5A. [Signature song for Johnny Mathis] – MISTY
19A. [“She’s a Lady” writer] – ANKA
28A. [UConn home] – STORRS. Is it St Orrs? No, it is STORRS, population 10,996. Crossing 8D. [Edith Wharton novel] – THE REEF. STORRS is 69 miles from Natick, MA.
29A. [Chophouse order] – RARE
30A. [Seasoning for pommes frites] – SEL. Storrs is 350 miles from Montreal.
61A. [LaDainian Tomlinson’s alma mater] – TCU. Football. The American kind.
90A. [It uses the Magic Mouse] – IMAC. Mickey is the most magical mouse I know.
115A. [You might get down from them] – GEESE. Get it, “down”?
2D. [Coated, as with chocolate] – ENROBED/69D. [Hotel offerings] – SUITES – I am picturing chocolate in a fancy hotel suite.
3D. [Street clothes?] – SKI WEAR. Get it, Picabo Street, the skier?
4D. [Piano player in Rick’s place] – SAM
18D. [Company known for packing bags] – TETLEY. Get it, tea bags?
35D. [“The Science of Logic” author] – HEGEL. I wanted Nimoy.
54D. [Operatic baritone Antonio] – SCOTTI
64D. [Number] – SONG. Get it, a song makes you numb.
67D. [Material for some mortars and pestles] – AGATE
68D. [Gymnastics equipment] – MATS. To avoid 86D. [Hazard for at-home wrestlers] – RUG BURN
89D. [Merchant of music] – NATALIE
111D. [Home for un poisson] – MER

I’m off to STORRS. See you next week.

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5 Responses to Wall Street Journal, 8/20/10

  1. Beth Willenborg says:

    I keep looking at things like “draw in” crossing “ins”, “fairish wheel” crossing “owlish” and “netmen” crossing “freshman” and trying to decide if I like them or dislike them.

  2. pannonica says:

    Did not like criminal/crime combo in clue/answer for first theme entry (23a).

  3. Robert A. says:

    Hi,Amy!Loved your friday review on l.a. confident!! Dasterdly is right!!Got me GOOD on Chooses to reject.Also-O.R. room NUMBER??? Can we safely change Dasterdly to Basterdly?

  4. KarmaSartre says:

    Thanks for triangulating STORRS. I could have used it (or THEREEF) ahead of time.

  5. Dexter says:

    One of the toughest ones in the last year, nice to know I am not the only one that felt that way

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