Bay Area Crossword Tournament this Saturday

Northern Californians, take note: The Bay Area Crossword Puzzle Tournament takes place Saturday, September 11, in Alameda. Competitors will solve three upcoming New York Times crosswords and a 21×21 puzzle constructed by Tyler Hinman.

On-site registration is $30. Proceeds benefit the California Dictionary Project, which aims to give a dictionary to every California third grader.

This is a small event, so if you find the giant ACPT to be daunting, give the Bay Area tournament a shot. You’ll meet other crossworders, get a sneak preview of unpublished NYT puzzles, and maybe even win a prize!

For more info, visit organizer Andrew Laurence’s website,

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4 Responses to Bay Area Crossword Tournament this Saturday

  1. Karen says:

    I hope Tyler’s puzzle is available online after the tournament.

  2. andrea carla michaels says:

    thank you for doing this, amy! Wish you were coming…
    One day I will make it to Chicago tourney or Puzzapalooza, but for now, it’s Alameda for me! great cause. Last year I went to a school in the Haight and did a little shpiel about how to use a dictionary and how to have fun with words and then got to hand out dictionaries to all the 3 rd graders! (which I could prob use as I just typed “dictionarys”. hmmmmmmmmm

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Team Fiend will be represented. California here I come!

  4. Eric Maddy says:

    if anyone missed Tyler’s puzzle from the final round of last year’s Bay Area tournament, it is available at:

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