Bonus puzzles

The constructing team of Michael Sharp and his imaginary friend Rex Parker has cranked out two new puzzles:

  • There’s a titled themeless available at the Crossword Fiend forum. When I test-solved it, it didn’t feel tougher than a Friday NYT (but I didn’t time myself so there’s no empirical data). This one’s by Rex.
  • And they made a themed guest puzzle over at Brendan Quigley’s blog. It’s billed as being of medium difficulty but Joon and I definitely found it hard. I got pinned down in the lower left corner and Googled two things, so if you can finish it without Googling, you trump me. Michael’s got the byline for this puzzle.
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6 Responses to Bonus puzzles

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Consider yourself trumped! :)

  2. Howard B says:

    On the Quigley guest star puzzle:
    Got the lower-left, but the upper-left and middle squares tripped me instead. Found the left one but couldn’t crack the middle. (Pre-1980 song/film trivia, argh!)
    I did like the challenge of cracking the rest of it, though.

    So it looks like the Expos win this series, Jeffrey :).

  3. joon says:

    i did time myself on the themeless, and it fell in wednesday-thursdayish time, well under half the time it took to do the other one.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    So I need to hope for a Michael Sharp puzzle at the ACPT? A sure sign of the Armageddon.

  5. I’d revel in trumping also, except that the last square to fall for me would be a tremendous disappointment to our lead blogger (hint: the Bobby Vee clue).

  6. Vic says:

    Both puzzles were okay, but I thought it was funny that both had a lot of the stuff Rex/Michael harps about in his blog.

    Dyer, A Fit, Lurer, Dbl, Xls, Asphalted, Intr, etc.

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