Shop at Marbles

Marbles: The Brain Store recently revamped its website, adding demonstration videos (those of you who’ve attended the Marbles Amateur Crossword Tournament will see a familiar face), comments from the “Brain Coach,” and customer reviews. Their bricks-and-mortar stores have demo copies of every game and toy so you can play with them before buying, and now the videos make it so much easier for online shoppers to really know what a game is like.

If you’re doing any holiday (or birthday) shopping this month, I’ll bet you can find cool gifts  at Marbles. (Which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with going on a shopping spree for yourself! I invariably find a game for myself every time I walk into a Marbles shop.)

Enter the discount code WORDNERD (especially for Crossword Fiend readers!) at checkout, and you’ll save 15% now through December 1.

(Chicago-area and Twin Cities readers, do visit your local Marbles stores too. They’re so much fun!)

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