When magicians construct crosswords

Whoa! Check out today’s TimesCast video at the New York Times website. Magician and crossword constructor David Kwong does a card trick that involves constructing a crossword on a whiteboard, and the denouement will absolutely blow you away. How did he do that?!? (My hunch is a stacked deck.)

I don’t think I can embed the video, alas. The TimesCast page is here; from there, you can select the December 6 video. Or you can visit the NYT’s home page and click on the video at the top. The crossword segment begins just past the halfway mark. And here’s the permanent URL for the video.

Tomorrow’s Science Times section will feature puzzles, so we’ll probably all want to take a look at that, too.

(Thanks to John Farmer for finding the video’s embed code, and for Evad for removing it since it was bothering some browsers.)

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4 Responses to When magicians construct crosswords

  1. joon says:

    i was looking at that—i hope that doesn’t mean i’ve been spoiled for the tuesday NYT. i don’t think so, though, because a little birdie told me that she (and kent clayton) constructed tomorrow’s puzzle, not david kwong.

    still, neat trick.

  2. Meem says:

    Very clever card/puzzle trick. Eager to see tomorrow’s offering. Joon, I assume you refer to the team who constructed the first puzzle Patrick Merrell blogged on Wordplay. Should be fun to solve.

  3. Howard B says:


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