Get your 2011 Patrick Merrell cartoon calendar

Snip of Patrick Merrell's 2011 calendar

Each year, crossword constructor and illustrator Pat Merrell adorns a calendar with his cute little mice and—a more recent addition—their friends, the crossword squares Ashen and Noir.

Click over to Pat’s blog and print out the PDF size of your choice. The young-eyes version fits two copies on one page, but there’s also a larger version for the 40+ eyeballs.

Sure, you’ve probably already gotten a wall or desk calendar you like, but does that one call out the date of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament? I didn’t think so. This calendar has the best holiday decorations of any calendar I’ve ever seen.

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3 Responses to Get your 2011 Patrick Merrell cartoon calendar

  1. Matt Gaffney says:

    So many enjoyable subtleties here you can easily miss the first time around. I’ll just point out one: the black square with an axe. Also: can you find the yarmulke?

    Awesome calendar, Pat.

  2. Evad says:

    Is it over to the upper left where Noir is spinning a dreidel for Hannukah?

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Yeah, this is awesome. Even my wife, who shuns everything puzzle related, wanted a copy.

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