Not Dead, Only Resting

Just a couple of quick notes for “Callin’ Them Squares” readers: Sorry that an unfinished version of this week’s installment, “The Marian” was on the site for a few hours, and sorry the finished version won’t be up till the 15th. The reason for both circumstances boils down to one three-letter answer: FLU. I’m doing much better, in that I can now form coherent thoughts again, but I’ve got some catching up ahead of me. Thanks to everybody who’s commented on and enjoyed the series so far. I won’t leave you hangin’.

About T Campbell

T Campbell is a crossword constructor and comics scriptwriter. Among his cruciverbal accomplishments are the Ubercross C-Spot (the largest puzzle to follow New York Times standard rules), Crossworlds, a collection of 50 science-fiction-themed puzzles, and the forthcoming On Crosswords: Callin' Out Them Squares.
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3 Responses to Not Dead, Only Resting

  1. Amy Reynaldo says:

    Flu! Sorry to hear about that. Glad you’re on the mend!

  2. Deb Amlen says:

    Ugh, the flu sucks. Feel better soon!

  3. Howard B says:

    Rest up and feel better!

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