CTS: Catching Up

Geez, I turn around, and three months just blink out of existence.

A lot’s gone on between now and then, including challenges on lots of other professional fronts. But it looks like I’ll soon be coming back to the world of crosswords as an editor and creator, in a big way. Maybe I can get Amy to tell you about it when the announcement is ready, so I look modest. At any rate, I didn’t want to start one grand crossword ambition without resuming the other, so this series will resume its weekly Saturday schedule, starting tomorrow and ending when it’s done! So let’s begin by remembering the good times from last season, shall we?

Previously, on “Callin’ Them Squares:”

We cut the whole crossworld into six major continents, like the separation of some cruciverbal Pangaea. The six? The themeless, the fact-finder, the wordplayer, the run-on, the trickster and the mutant.

We analyzed themelesses in general, further subdividing them into the Mies, the seed patch, the pudding, and the anything-goes.

We indexed the fact-finders into the commemorative fact-finder, the listmaker and the Marian.

Next week, we start turning our attention to the wordplayers… and, as promised, start droppin’ some algebra into this hizzouse.

Nerdcore, baby.

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