Guest puzzle at BEQ’s house in .jpz format

Hey! Did you see Brendan Quigley’s blog post today? Occasionally he posts a crossword from a guest contributor on Fridays. Today, there’s a funky puzzle by Alex Boisvert called “Through the Looking Glass.” Some of the thematic stuff may be unknown to you if (like me) you don’t pay much attention to video games and cult movies, but I managed to piece everything together eventually. It took me as long as a fairly tough Saturday NYT (7:30), so it’s not an easy crossword by any stretch of the imagination.

But it’s cool. It’s got a gimmick that can be represented ably in .jpz and print, but that exceeds the limits of Across Lite. (That’s not a spoiler—the second you open the puzzle, it’s obvious that it does something out of the ordinary.)

If you don’t have the Crossword Solver/Puzzle Solver application and want to solve Alex’s puzzle via keyboard, Brendan’s got a small link to the software download page right below the puzzle download link at the top of his post.

Oh! And Brendan will begin posting his regular Themeless Monday and themed Thursday crosswords in .jpz format, along with the other formats he already uses.

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5 Responses to Guest puzzle at BEQ’s house in .jpz format

  1. joon says:

    i thought this crossword was great.

  2. *David* says:

    I also enjoyed the crossword had never heard of the answer that inspired the puzzle so had one square left over, did it on paper.

  3. charlie duncan says:


  4. Alex says:

    Here’s a video trailer for the original video game in question that explains why the crossword acts the way it does.

    I think it’s more enjoyable if you know the game, but I hope it was even if you’d never heard of it.

  5. Howard B says:

    First puzzle I’ve solved in .jpz that illustrated the advantages in the Solver design. I hope the solving interface becomes more customizable going forward, but this really shows the promise of the app.


    < ks Alex!

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