Lollapuzzoola 4 details

I hope a lot of you are going to the fun Lollapuzzoola tournament in its fourth incarnation. Alas, I can’t make it this year (it’s Saturday, August 6, in Manhattan), but I went last year and also test-solved the previous year’s crosswords, so I know you’re in for a good time. You can play it any way you want—hardcore competition or a relaxed and fun afternoon with smart and entertaining people.

If you find the prospect of a crossword tournament daunting, you might take advantage of the “Google ticket” hints or solve with a partner. Lollapuzzoola is top-notch puzzles with a variety of challenges lurking within, but hey, you have options for making things easier on yourself.

The tournament’s cheap—just $25! Or $30 if you want to stay after for pizza and ice cream and more socializing.

Host Brian Cimmet has just announced the addition of a solve-at-home option. For $10, paid by August 14, you can get PDFs of the Lolla puzzles, which will not be made available after that date. I just forked over my ten-spot so I can receive the puzzles promptly the day after the tournament. Have you seen the list of all-star Lolla constructors? You don’t want to miss out, whether you can make it to NYC or not:

  • Mike Nothnagel
  • Elizabeth C. Gorski
  • Andrea Carla Michaels
  • Tony Orbach
  • Doug Peterson
  • Byron Walden

To register, or to prepay for the solve-at-home puzzle set, visit Be More Smarter now. Scroll down to the bottom for the PayPal ordering/registering link.

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2 Responses to Lollapuzzoola 4 details

  1. Brian says:

    Amy, thanks so much for the Lollapuzzoola plug! I’m bummed you won’t be able to join us, but psyched that you are the first member of the Solve-At-Home club this year! Email me your solving times, and vie for that elite division title!

  2. Neville says:

    Should I mention that there are cool side games designed by Alison Cimmet, Todd McClary and myself?

    Too late – I suppose I already have mentioned it! :)

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