Marbles: The Brain Store expanding to the East Coast

Marbles just opened another Chicago store, this one in the city’s premier retail magnet, Water Tower Place on North Michigan Avenue. This brings the chain to six Chicagoland stores and three in the Twin Cities.

Good news for Easterners: Six more locations in New Jersey (Paramus, Edison), Massachusetts (Peabody, Natick, Braintree), and Maryland (Columbia) are opening in August and September.

These shops are intoxicating boutiques for puzzle and game fans. Marbles sells puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles, word games, board games, hands-on puzzles like the Rubik’s cube, and assorted creative toys. You can play with everything on site to see what you want to buy—so there’s no “Oh, this isn’t what I thought it was.” There’s a great selection for adults and kids. And there are products aimed at working the brain to stave off age-related cognitive decline. Plus! Marbles stores host game nights. Really a fun place to shop.

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7 Responses to Marbles: The Brain Store expanding to the East Coast

  1. Jeffrey says:

    They are going to be in Natick? Presumably located at some obsure crossing.

  2. ktd says:


  3. Matthew G. says:

    Please tell me the Natick store was put there by a franchiser In The Know. I really need that to be true.

    Anyhow, I’m excited that the New Jersey stores are both very close to me, and I look forward to visiting one or both of them soon!

  4. joon says:

    natick just happens to be an affluent town with a huge mall, and is surrounded by even more affluent towns (wayland, weston, sherbourne, wellesley, and dover) without huge malls. it’s not famous for anything in particular in non-crossworld, but it’s a good location for a store like marbles.

  5. Ben Bass says:

    Congrats to Lindsay, Thania, Sandbox and everyone at Marbles!

  6. Howard B says:

    I play hockey not far from the Edison location – I’ll have to check it out – thanks!!!

  7. Deb Amlen says:

    Edison isn’t that far from me either … Oooh, Game Night!

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