Crossword Nation’s Gala Crossword Giveaway

The Metropolitan Opera has a gala opening tonight to launch its new season, and David Kahn has a new puzzle book called The Metropolitan Opera: Crosswords for Opera Lovers. Elizabeth Gorski’s website, Crossword Nation, is partnering with David Kahn and Bernard Rome to give away a lovely prize package with the new opera crossword book, another Kahn book, a cute Crossword Nation mug, tea, chocolate, and an erasable Puzzle Pen. Sweet combo!

Visit Crossword Nation for details on the crossword clue contest (writing the best clue for the word GALA).

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1 Response to Crossword Nation’s Gala Crossword Giveaway

  1. pannonica says:

    No opera tickets in the package? Crosswords are always underfunded.

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