Tournaments start on the Crosswords app tonight

Head to Facebook tonight and check out the online tournaments on PuzzleSocial’s Crosswords app. At 8:00 Eastern time (sharp!), you can compete against the masses on Trip Payne’s 13×13 “Smartypants Saturday” Celebrity crossword. At 9:30 Eastern, there’s a Newsday “Saturday Stumper” puzzle by Stan Newman–tough themeless action. At 10:00 Eastern, Randall Hartman’s themed CrosSynergy puzzle enters the fray. And at 11:00 Eastern, there’s Matt Jones’s Jonesin’ crossword.

If you’re heading to the ACPT for your first time this  month, you should give the online Crosswords tournament a spin. Sharpen your competitive edge and whatnot.

These are all singles tournaments tonight. If you’re daunted by solving the “Stumper” alone, you can always choose to solve with (or against) a friend outside of the tournament. I solved a “Stumper” against Crossword Fiend commenter Erik a couple weeks ago and we each filled in about half the squares. A big time saver when it comes to tough puzzles! The Stan Newman reserves his “S.N.” byline for his toughest puzzles, so it’s on.

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