Puzzly goodness is bursting out all over the country!

No, really.

I’ve mentioned the Marbles: The Brain Store crossword tournaments this Saturday in four cities (Chicago, the Twin Cities, the Philly area, and Columbia, MD).

There’s also the DASH puzzle hunt in thirteen cities on Saturday. Registration is now closed, but keep an eye out for DASH info next spring if you’re interested.

And Will Shortz filled me in on several other crossword tournaments this weekend:

  • Canton Public Library in Canton, CT
  • Lee Road Library in Cleveland Heights, OH
  • Brown University in Providence, RI

Will’s attending the Brown tournament, which will feature crosswords by Brown students (including nationally published constructors Zoe Wheeler and Aimee Lucido). The Ohio and Connecticut tournaments, like the Marbles events, will use the Monday-Thursday NYT crosswords to be published next week. (Big thanks to Will for providing custom PDFs of the puzzles for each event.)

Will writes, “I sincerely doubt there have ever been so many crossword tournaments on one weekend before!” Seven local crossword tournaments, plus 13 puzzle hunts. Puzzle nerds on the loose! I hope a number of you are able to take part.

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6 Responses to Puzzly goodness is bursting out all over the country!

  1. Bruce N. Morton says:


    Could I trouble you for the exact day and time of the Brown University X=wd tournament this weekend (if you know)? I did try googling, but found a reference only to a 2009 tournament.


  2. Tuning Spork says:

    Aw, nuts. Registration for Canton closed on Wednesday.

  3. BrAnonia says:

    The Brown Tournament is at noon on Saturday, April 28th, in a building called List Arts Center.

  4. Bruce N. Morton says:

    Thanks, BrAnonia


  5. Jan says:

    @Tuning Spork – did you call anyway? I’m surprised they would be that formal. I usually go to the Canton tournament, but have another event tomorrow, with my friends who all own etuis.

  6. jefe says:

    3rd place at Marbles: Columbia whoooooooo! Thanks Erik for judging and not competing.

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