The Week In Crosswords

2 Across - A Comedy of Crosswords & Romance2 Across, a 2004 romantic comedy featuring two mismatched crossword solvers on a train ride home, has reached San Diego Broadway to upbeat reviews. If you’re curious, copies of the script are available for $8.95.

This weekend’s BACFill tournament gave its solvers a head start on Monday-Thursday’s New York Times puzzles. Congratulations to winner Jordan Chodorow.

This week sees the UK release of PICROSS e for the Nintendo 3DS. The US has had “Mario’s Picross” for 3DS for a while now. Picross is based on “Japanese crosswords,” which use spatial reasoning only, not vocabulary.

The Nation has a list of cryptic crossword cliches. The unfortunately named Maidenhead Advertiser has a profile of master cryptic solver Tony Long.

Forbes asks, “Will the mini-tablet save the newspaper, and newspaper crossword, as we know it?” and answers, “Probably not,” by which it means, “No.”

Finally, while it’s hardly a new item, this cartoon from a 1927 New Yorker sheds some light on the history of crosswordese. (Hat tip: Dan Chall.)

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  1. HH says:

    Did the playwright know that a properly constructed crossword typically doesn’t have a 2-Across?

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