The Week In Crosswords

Top Story: Puzzazz launched its new app this week for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I happen to be one of the authors represented with Crossworlds: Science Fiction Comics, and am proud to be part of a forward-looking collection with so many others.

The Irish Examiner crossed the bounds of good taste by presenting a clue that referred directly to an athlete’s recent death, prompting the editor to apologize and promise an investigation. The clue was [____ Spence – Ulster rugby star that died in farming accident] for NEVIN. While outlets like The Week regularly refer to recently deceased public figures, few crosswords comment on the nature of the deceased’s demise.

Worth repeating: Merl Reagle’s account of his own and his wife’s struggles to care for Alzheimer’s-afflicted parents, and how that led to a special crossword tournament.

Finally, consciousness researcher David Bor wants to tell you why crosswords are fun.

About T Campbell

T Campbell is a crossword constructor and comics scriptwriter. Among his cruciverbal accomplishments are the Ubercross C-Spot (the largest puzzle to follow New York Times standard rules), Crossworlds, a collection of 50 science-fiction-themed puzzles, and the forthcoming On Crosswords: Callin' Out Them Squares.
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  1. Erik says:

    gotta love the picture at the top of the Bor article. very All About Steve.

  2. T Campbell says:

    gotta love the picture at the top of the Bor article. very All About Steve.


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