The Week In Crosswords

Your best read this week is probably The Guardian‘s now-completed list of the best crossword fiction. Most of the list is sure to be controversial, but the British paper has a refreshing perspective and thorough research. And the #1 pick will come as no surprise to many Fiend readers.

This week saw the release of Crosswords Plus for Nintendo, and digital purchasers of the game will also get a little exclusive Donkey Kong for their money.

Reruns: Matt Gaffney’s already-cited, tongue-in-cheek “study,” “The Crossword-Writer’s Candidates” (the other contender for week’s best read) and more debunking of the Leo Traynor fable from last week. And congrats to the winners and everyone involved with Merl Reagle’s Brain Game Challenge.

The New Yorker offers up this trophy:

New Yorker cartoon

Finally, stare into the eyes of cruciverbal madness with this Pixel Words creation…

About T Campbell

T Campbell is a crossword constructor and comics scriptwriter. Among his cruciverbal accomplishments are the Ubercross C-Spot (the largest puzzle to follow New York Times standard rules), Crossworlds, a collection of 50 science-fiction-themed puzzles, and the forthcoming On Crosswords: Callin' Out Them Squares.
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