MGWCC #231

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hello, and welcome to episode #231 of matt gaffney’s weekly crossword contest, “Miami Nice”. this week, matt challenges us to name a TV show. okay then. what have we got?

  • {Istanbul museum} HAGIA SOPHIA. been there! it’s spectacular.
  • {Revolted} ROSE UP IN ARMS.
  • {Financial free rein} CARTE BLANCHE. if you’ve been paying full price for your reins, have i got news for you!
  • {Toto’s owner} DOROTHY GALE.

two names at the end of theme answers and two at the beginning, but there’s no mistaking that SOPHIA, ROSE, BLANCHE, and DOROTHY are the main characters from the golden girls—not miami vice, although it is set in the same city. now, i’ve never really watched this show, although i want to say that RUE MCCLANAHAN was a theme answer in a MGWCC from ages ago. i haven’t been able to find it, though; closest i’ve come is this infamous puzzle, in which {Former co-star of Rue} was used to clue ESTELLE getty. (speaking of that infamous puzzle, jacques barzun passed away last month. as i pointed out to matt on facebook, if you believe in the rule of three, then felix potvin and dwight yoakam better be looking over their shoulders.)

this meta was so easy that according to matt, 515+ solvers had submitted the correct answer by monday, eclipsing the previous record. i hope you were one of them! or the however many more who got it before tuesday at noon.

i’ve got a couple things i need to get to, so no time for a fill roundup. i did like AYERS ROCK, SCALENE triangles, and the conversational “OH, HEY”. favorite clue was probably {Saturn or Mercury} for GOD; crossing {Thor’s dad} ODIN at the O was a nice touch.

your thoughts?

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7 Responses to MGWCC #231

  1. rmac says:

    What? You mean it’s not The Hills?

  2. Matt Gaffney says:

    551 right answers when I left Maryland 80 minutes ago. On the road so can’t verify any remaining entries until I get back to Staunton this afternoon, so if you submitted a correct answer after 11:00 am et then don’t freak out if it’s not on the leaderboard yet, it will be later.

  3. When I uncovered BLANCHE, I thought it was going to be about A Streetcar Named Desire (although of course that’s not a TV show).

  4. I couldn’t help but be reminded of an episode where Rose and Dorothy enter a contest to come up with a jingle for Miami tourism or some such. Their first attempt?

    Miami is nice
    So I’ll say it twice
    Miami is nice
    Miami is nice!

    Except Rose adds an extra “Miami is nice” at the end because it matches the music better.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Gaffney’s Law: The number of correct answers is inversely proportional to the number of comments on the related post.

  6. pannonica says:

    Nice things are nicer than nasty ones. — Dixon’s Law

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