The Week In Crosswords

So, there was some kind of contest last weekend? Will Shortz was involved? Sort of an Olympic event for word nerds? Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about the Symmys.

The winning palindromes from that first-year contest will no doubt be discussed by many others on this blog, so let’s focus on the more neglected 36th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

I was hoping to be your eyes on the ground this year, but a combination of factors left me entirely unable to attend. So I pass the baton to Eric Berlin and Deb Amlen. Or if you want to experience the finale for yourself and you weren’t there, thank Visual Thesaurus for the following video…

As usual, Dan Feyer was mellow and all business, Anne Erdmann (on her birthday!) was humble and approachable, and Tyler Hinman brought the fireworks on Twitter and in person. Fourth-place finisher Francis Heaney found a little time to doodle.


The AV Crossword returns to the pages of The Onion this week, thanks to the sponsorship of Alterra Coffee Roasters.

The latest Shortz interview reveals… his favorite breakfast cereal (bet you can guess), favorite writer and feelings about retirement.

Wheel of Fortune and Bingo forge an unlikely alliance in the realm of digital gameplay.

This is circular, but Matt Gaffney’s Margaret Farrar Award in this blog has given him some local press attention. (There was also an unlinkable radio broadcast near my hometown.) Here’s hoping this higher profile opens even more doors for the Gaffster.

Ego-solve of, well, the previous week: a Zach Braff fan, retweeted by the man himself.

Finally, also on Twitter, renowned author Joyce Carol Oates trolled crossword-solvers a bit and then admitted she got told.

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