Catching Up With The Last Week In Crosswords

Well, this is a lateness record… and the irony is that what’s kept me away from the crossword coverage has largely been work on On Crosswords. (So many layout issues… not that attending a weekend comics convention helped, either.) Our normal schedule resumes with the next update, but here are some things we missed:

Tyler Hinman’s write-up of the ACPT is very late by now (sorry for making it later, Tyler), but still worth reading. He remains the tournament’s most compulsively watchable solver. Tyler also recommends Andy Kravis as a new indie constructor to follow.

Why are pitchers better at crossword puzzles than position players?

Merl Reagle reveals: one of his favorite clues, his motto, his career advice and a little more of what it’s like to live in his head.

It’s been a while since we checked in… The Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project has some more interesting interviews up, these days. And it’s well past the halfway mark.

The “Brighton Boot Camp for Trainee Tormentors” is bringing up the next set of setters of cryptic crosswords, helping cement Brighton’s place as a hub, perhaps the hub, of British crossword culture.

Neville Fogarty has reached his second stretch goal and declared a third: “This will be a variety puzzle inspired by yet another board game. Saying more would spoil the fun!”

Ego-solve of the week: Mike Henderson on behalf of Erin Burnett. Runner-up is David McCabe, lead singer of the Zutons, though this Echo Crossword looks like it can’t have a very tight grid.

Some wrong answers actually are worth worrying about. So are some solving habits.

Finally, Love Is The Answer. It just is.

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