Call for solvers!

The weekend after this one, several Marbles: The Brain Store locations will be hosting crossword tournaments. Register here before April 10 to save $10; after the 15th, the fee (benefiting the Brain Research Foundation) increases from $15 to $25. (Still mighty inexpensive as crossword tournaments go.)

Here’s the lineup:

Saturday, April 20

  • King of Prussia, PA: King of Prussia Mall Center Court—Ben Tausig is judging. Come on over, Philly and NJ and NY people! It could be your time to win.
  • Columbia, MD: Columbia Mall, Center Court—Come on, DC and Baltimore and Northern Virginia people! This is Maryland’s only crossword tournament (to my knowledge), so check it out.
  • San Francisco, CA: Stonestown Galleria Center Court—Tyler Hinman will be one of the judges. I know you Bay Area types have lots of puzzle events, but if you haven’t waded in yet, the Marbles tournament will help you get your feet wet.

Sunday, April 21

  • Chicago, IL: Lincoln Square store, 4745 N. Lincoln Ave.—I’m judging again, doing my best sonorous Will Shortz “… begin” impression. Hope to see my fellow Illinoisans there!
  • Sherman Oaks, CA: Fashion Square Center Court—Southern California peeps, Doug Peterson and David Steinberg are judging. The bigger Crosswords LA event isn’t until October 26 this year, so you need to get your springtime SoCal puzzle tournamenting in gear with Marbles.
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2 Responses to Call for solvers!

  1. Jimmy Williams says:

    Anyone know what time things start/are predicted to end? I have an evening appointment and would hate to leave the tournament early.

  2. Amy Reynaldo says:

    5-7 pm in Chicago, Jimmy. I’m sorry if we’ll miss you!

    The other sites’ events will run from 1 to 3 pm.

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