The Week In Crosswords

I’m actually going to release this one ahead of schedule, just to let you all know that the Wired 20 puzzlehunt is on! Mike Selinker and Tyler Hinman are among the contributors, so if you’re a Wired reader and puzzle lover, this is your time to shine. And speaking of Tyler, his latest match with Alex Boisvert is below…

In less inspiring promotional news, The New York Times may not have handled its Mother’s Day promotion quite as well as it should’ve.

The Guardian‘s Alan Connor is coming out with a new book about cryptic crosswords. The paper also has some poll results of interest.

Samantha Bond, three-a-weekend solver.

Why there’s no more Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. (No, not really.) Plus, the real answer to “relaxing conclusion to a long, hard day.”

Elizabeth Gorski points out that The Croods make an awfully helpful bunch for crossword constructors. The film certainly seems to be doing well enough to justify such references, and the sequel and TV series will keep those characters in the public eye.

Apps of the week: acrostic-jigsaw combo Wordshift Academy, now universally supported crossword/word search fusion Clever Clues 1.2.

Humblebrag ego-solve of the week: Brad Meltzer. Ego-stroking solve of the week: Nathan Fillion.

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  1. That puzzle with Brad Meltzer was Friday’s Joseph Crossword, and actually featured him in both theme answers at 3D and 8D.

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