The Week In Crosswords

ANNOUNCEMENT: In conjunction with my new book, I have begun work on my latest (and probably last) giant crossword. Ubercross Fiddy was a 50×50 New York Times-style grid, and Ubercross C-Spot a record-setting 120×120 New York Times-style grid. The Ubercross Cryptosaurus will be at least 375×375 squares big, beating the official Guinness record, and feature British construction rules and cryptic clues, which I’ve slowly grown to love in my time covering the scene. More details to come in the coming weeks.

“I almost lost, but the key thing is I did not lose.” Tyler Hinman and Alex Boisvert heat it up in their fifth, and closest ever, crossword race.

As previously reported, the CBC has presented a lovely documentary about the crossword-making class of seniors which has now been in the NYT five times.

The Sydney Morning Herald published its 20,000 cryptic crossword recently. David Plomley, who authored it and has authored many others in a 50-plus-year career, grants a video interview. Similarly, The Guardian interviews one of its setters of 50 years, Don Manley.

Speaking of interviews, Brendan Emmett Quigley presents a Joon Pahk puzzle and interview. We missed the chance to review this one. Hey, Brendan, surely the Fiend could keep up with these bonus guest crosswords better if you made them, oh, a weekly feature?

Colin Mochrie is back on TV, and wrote a joke just for you.

Somebody needs to inform NBC’s cruciverbalist-in-residence that they no longer need to promote The Office, and also that if that design isn’t a deliberate satire of corporate incompetence, it’s kind of an embarrassing mess.

Progress report
from the Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project, over 60% complete.

Cricket fans who are also crossword nuts, your day just got a little brighter. This is the first in a series.

David Astle plays to a packed house. David Kwong works with what he’s got.

The silver lining of the consolidation of newspapers is that we see fewer crosswords like this. Check out 6 down.

Crossword clubbin’: the faces of the next generation of solvers.

Jan Coxmaine has an issue with the clue for “GHOST.”

Ego-solve of the week: “Fyyfaaan da bra!!”

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