Crosswords on TV!

Set your DVRs, people. There are some crosswordy happenings on TV in the coming week, in celebration of the crosswords’ 100th anniversary.

Tomorrow morning, CBS Sunday Morning will air a segment on crosswords. Look for Faith Salie’s interview with ACPT Godzilla/champion Dan Feyer as well as interviews with Will Shortz and the daughter of crossword inventor Arthur Wynne, and who knows what else. The show airs from 9-10:30 am (8-9:30 am Central).

On Wednesday morning, sometime between 7 and 9 a.m, CBS This Morning plans to air a feature on crosswords, including a Mo Rocca interview with Will Shortz and other goodies. (Everyone pray to the deity of their choice that no major news story develops and bumps the entire crossword segment.)

I’ll add to this post if I hear of other TV shows giving a little love to crosswords this week.

(Two factual errors corrected—thanks to Dan Feyer for letting me know what’s what.)

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4 Responses to Crosswords on TV!

  1. bananarchy says:

    Not TV, but Will Shortz will be on CBC’s “Q” radio show next week. Thursday, I believe, at 10am EST. You can listen online anytime after the program airs, though: Ghomeshi is a great interviewer so I’m assuming it will be an insightful segment.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    And if we want to include newspapers, here are 3 articles from last Saturday’s Toronto Star:

    Crosswords reach 100 years (includes a video)

    Canadiana crosswords compete with US puzzles”
    and my favorite:
    Canadian trio are rivals at American crossword contest

  3. Martin says:

    … and lest we forget, some Martin guy got 1/2 a sentence… ah the fame and glory ;)


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