More crossword anniversary fun

Google doodle

Google doodle

New puzzles!

  • Check out the Google doodle today at the page. Click the blue “play” button and you’re taken into a crossword by Merl Reagle. The online solving interface is smooth.
  • Kate Kilpatrick wrote an article for Al Jazeera America that’s accompanied by a crossword written by Francis Heaney. I haven’t had a chance to solve it yet but I hear great things about the puzzle. Kate talked to constructors young and old (David Steinberg and Bernice Gordon), editor-constructors of an indie bent (Matt Gaffney, Ben Tausig), and yours truly.
  • Patrick Merrell made a crossword to celebrate the 100th birthday, too. Available in .puz and .pdf forms here.
  • Neville Fogarty reused Arthur Wynne’s original grid; his puzzle took me 1:14 to solve, and it’s infinitely more fun than its 100-year-old predecessor.
  • New addition: Centennial puzzle by David Steinberg for the Orange County Register is here in PDF form.
  • New addition: Andy Kravis’s “I Volunteer as Tribute” puzzle. Sure, it looks like it’s going to be about The Hunger Games … until you see the grid.

In addition to the above puzzles, you may be interested in these articles and clips:

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11 Responses to More crossword anniversary fun

  1. Adam N says:

    What Google? I can’t find it on the US, Canada or UK version…

  2. Evad says:

    I was afraid “Chess jumpers” might be KNTS. Thanks Tom & Merl!

  3. Cyrano says:

    Anyway those of us who just have an iPad can get the Google Doodle puzzle? Clicking on the link doesn’t show any doodle, just the colored Google logo.

    • Bencoe says:

      No, the puzzle doesn’t come up on an iPad. Clicking on the doodle anywhere (the blue play button does not appear) just takes you to search results for Arthur Wynne and the crossword’s anniversary.

  4. Todd G says:

    Did you see Finn Vigeland’s puzzle for the New York World?

    • Francis says:

      This is obviously not the constructor’s fault, but what programmer thought it would be a good idea to have the clues appear as pop-ups hovering in front of the grid itself?

    • Ellen R. says:

      And on the iPad, each letter brings the keyboard up separately. This could take hours (so I stopped after 2 words).

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