New puzzle magazine!

WP_LargeHead over to the Penny Press/Dell website to order a new magazine devoted to variety puzzles (mostly variety word puzzles, such as Marching Bands, Rows Garden, and Some Assembly Required—but there are some logic puzzles in the mix too). Will Shortz’s WordPlay has been lovingly curated by puzzle editors Eric Berlin and Ian Livengood, who have enticed an all-star roster of constructors to create puzzles for the publication. Trip Payne! Francis Heaney! Brendan Emmett Quigley! Patrick Berry! And many more! (Hopefully some female puzzlemakers are represented as well.) An annual subscription is $18.95 for six 64-page issues; the premiere issue should hit newsstands next week with a cover price of $3.99. I’m subscribing—I don’t want to risk missing an issue at the store.

Housekeeping note: To automatically fill in your shipping address as your billing address, click the box that says “Different than shipping.” (It’s the opposite game!) I think this is a secret hidden puzzle.

Given that I have been skipping most of the standard crosswords in Games World of Puzzles (between the blog and work, I see more than enough crosswords), WordPlay‘s focus on variety puzzles is exceptionally welcome. I hope this new publication is a raging success!

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  1. HH says:

    “(Hopefully some female puzzlemakers are represented as well.)”

    And maybe some of us older constructors as well? (Hint. hint.)

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