Crosswords LA puzzle set available for $5

Region capture 35
People! You can buy the crosswords from the Crosswords LA tournament for a mere $5. I curated these puzzles myself and was excited to get to work with these constructors. There are tough puzzles by David Quarfoot (themeless) and Byron Walden (meta!), and more approachable puzzles by Merl Reagle, Trip Payne, Patti Varol, and Melanie Miller—plus a pair of warm-up puzzles (by Andrea Carla Michaels and Susan Gelfand) and a puzzle suite that was a team event at the tournament. Every one of the constructors named here is from California, except for Merl (who remains an honorary Californian because he used to live there and has puzzles in L.A. and San Francisco newspapers).

The profits go to Reading to Kids, and the crosswords are provided in .puz and PDF formats (the puzzle suite is PDF only).

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