Kickstart BEQ’s Marching Bands puzzle project

Region capture 6

Brendan Emmett Quigley likes making Marching Bands variety crosswords, and he’s offering a biweekly puzzle subscription via Kickstarter. A mere $10 is the minimum pledge that will get you all 26 puzzles, available in PDF and JPZ form (the JPZ is kinda neat because you can, if memory serves, fill in upwards and backwards words and have the cursor moving in the direction you want). To sign up or to get more info, click over to his Kickstarter page.

Brendan’s pretty well assured of making his goal so this isn’t a “please save this project from looming failure” post but a “heads up if you want in on a good thing” post.

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  1. Ethan Friedman says:

    Aaaaand…. IT’S FUNDED! Looking forward

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