The Minnesota Crossword Tournament is next weekend!

Region capture 23The Friends of the St. Paul Public Library are putting on their fourth annual tournament on Sunday, June 14, from noon to 5, with crosswords custom-made for the event. Puzzle wrangler Victor Barocas constructed one of the puzzles—and so did I! Believe it or not, it’s my first solo crossword credit. Vic was aiming for an all-Minnesota slate of constructors, and I made the cut by virtue of surviving four winters at Carleton College.

The rest of the constructors are listed at the tournament info page. The Minnesota tourney welcomes amateurs, experts, and teams. Individual registration is a mere $20. If you’re in the Upper Midwest, check it out! (And even if you’re not—Californian Eric Maddy is flying in for the event.)

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2 Responses to The Minnesota Crossword Tournament is next weekend!

  1. aries says:

    Glad to see you among the very strong constructor roster! I’m looking forward to meeting Eric, however, his presence there eliminates any chance of me winning. That might be a good thing though – I can just enjoy the tournament all the better.

  2. Amy Paepke says:

    Just saw you and Eric last weekend at the Indie 500. Well, you were hard to miss, being on stage and all (congrats!) I’m excited for the MN tournament, though, especially since it’s only a 20 minute drive from my house, unlike the last three, which I’ve had to fly to.
    A good friend of mine also went to Carleton. I’ll introduce myself next time I see you.

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