Monday, November 14, 2016

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Zhouqin Burnikel’s New York Times crossword — pannonica’s remitment

NYT • 11/14/16 • Mon • Burnikel • № 1114 • solution

NYT • 11/14/16 • Mon • Burnikel • № 1114 • solution

Mammalian-inspired gerund phrases.

  • 5a. [Goofing off] MONKEYING AROUND.
  • 31a. [Getting ready to click on, as a link] MOUSING OVER.
  • 47a. [Eating quickly] WOLFING DOWN.
  • 63a. [Storing for future use] SQUIRRELING AWAY.

Craig Stowe’s Los Angeles Times crossword — pannonica’s remitment

LAT • 11/14/16 • Mon • Stowe • solution

LAT • 11/14/16 • Mon • Stowe • solution

  • 17a. [Celebration with personnel] STAFF PARTY.
  • 29a. [Hangman man, e.g.] STICK FIGURE.
  • 44a. [React in the slightest way] BAT AN EYELID.
  • 60a. [Hoarse-voiced “Maggie May” singer] ROD STEWART.

Staff, stick, bat, rod. Spare me. Or not.

Mae Woodard’s Wall Street Journal crossword, “Hockey Games” — Jim’s review

We don’t usually get much wordplay on a Monday, so this is a welcome surprise, even if some of the hockey puns are groaners. The last word of some familiar phrases are changed into words taken from hockey.

WSJ - Mon, 11.14.16 - "Hockey Games" by Mae Woodard (Mike Shenk)

WSJ – Mon, 11.14.16 – “Hockey Games” by Mae Woodard (Mike Shenk)

  • 17a [Hockey score by an aging monarch?] OLD KING GOAL. Old King Cole.
  • 27a [Like a relaxed hockey player?] EASY ON THE ICE. Easy on the eyes.
  • 43a [Hockey venues doubling as chapels?] WEDDING RINKS. Wedding rings.
  • 57a [Shoot to another hockey player?] PASS THE PUCK. Pass the buck. This one’s too close to reality to be humorous.

There is a lot of great fill throughout the grid: OPPOSITES, LEAD STORY, CAGNEY, SLOTHS, NO SOAP, VANGUARD, SKI TEAM, BIG APEGATEAU, and SKATERS [Hockey players, e.g.]. And only one cringe-worthy entry in IRATER. Well, that and maybe OATER.

On the whole, a nice start to the week. Here’s to hoping we all have a better week than last week.

THEMELESS MONDAY #390 by Brendan Emmett Quigley – Gareth’s piece



I feel bad for the lack of actual write-ups today. On the other hand, my eyes are closing, literally, and have been doing so throughout the puzzle. That may account for the time, but I think there were some tricky place too. Clue of the puzzle: [Struggle with hopelessness?], LISP.

I was told there is a factual error in the puzzle, but I don’t have the mental strength to find it right now.


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5 Responses to Monday, November 14, 2016

  1. Puff says:

    BEQ 48 Across “Leader of the Revolution” should be a nominee for clue of the year.

  2. Jackson says:

    Nite, nite Gareth.

    Less is more, pannonica.

  3. Peter says:

    Actually, there is a rare factual error in this BEQ puzzle. I live in Oklahoma and have appeared more than once in the musical. More accurately, “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City” is sung by the character Will Parker. Aunt Eller merely contributes a brief line in a verse of his solo: “I’ve gone about as fer as I can go…” Still, a delightful puzzle…

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