I don’t usually like quote themes, but this puzzle’s got more of a mini-theme with Mitch McConnell’s memorable quote about Elizabeth Warren: NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED. Susie Chang had the idea of putting those words in a crossword grid and selling a coffee mug, with the proceeds going to a good cause. Wundermensch Francis Heaney to the rescue! Francis stepped up to provide a complete fill and clues for the puzzle. You can buy the ceramic mug or a stainless steel travel mug. Or you can be like me, and buy two of one and one of the other.

The puzzle is this week’s bonus crossword for American Values Club Crossword subscribers. You can request a free PDF of the puzzle if you order a mug, too. Here’s the order page.

Proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Bottoms up!

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5 Responses to New crossword mug, NEVERTHELESS / SHE PERSISTED

  1. Huda says:

    Awesome! Ordered 3.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Looks like it should be quite popular, given the times.

    By the way, whatever happened to the Island of Lost Puzzles??

  3. Beckee Williams says:

    How do I get a pdf of the mug’s puzzle?


  4. Beckee says:

    nevermind, I found it! Thanks anyway.


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