Muller Monthly Music Meta, June

puzzle about 7 mins; meta 5 mins (Matt) 


We were looking for a Jimmy Buffett song that would complete this puzzle’s theme entries. Alright so I’m probably not going to miss this.

Our theme entries are:

17-A [“Three Times a Lady” band] = COMMODORES. This is missing a “The,” I think.
21-A [Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood duet that starts “We didn’t care if people stared”] = REMIND ME.
34-A [Joan Baez’s singing sister] = MIMI FARINA. Unfamiliar to me but if Joan Baez is your sister then that’s pretty good.
44-A [Way passé, or, with “We Are,” a Hawthorne Heights song] = SO LAST YEAR
54-A [Miranda Lambert song with the lyric “What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder”] = PLATINUM. Unfamiliar to me, but I live a semi-ascetic existence.
62-A [Repetitively titled theme song for “9 1/2 weeks” by Duran Duran bassist John Taylor that almost won a 1986 Razzie for Worst Original Song] = I DO WHAT I DO

Alright, so we’ve got DO-RE, RE-MI -MI FA…but then SO-LA, LA-TI, and TI-DO, looping back to Do-RE. So what’s missing is FA-SO, meaning we need a Jimmy Buffett song with the letter combination FASO somewhere. And there it is “Son of a Son of a Sailor,” sneakily stretching its four letters over three words.

Fun meta, if you ask me. It took me a couple of minutes to spot the musical scale notes pattern, then to figure out the right song. Just enough “crunch” even though I don’t like the word. 4.31 stars. Nothing wrong with an easy one in June! But I bet July will start to get tricky, even though I’ve already botched my perfect year so not as much at stake. We’ll see in 4 weeks.

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6 Responses to Muller Monthly Music Meta, June

  1. Pete Muller says:

    Thanks Matt!

    161 correct answers this week.
    Some found it easy, but others found it on the harder side.

  2. Tony says:

    Ugh. Went with Changes in Latitudes. Searched for FASO in a single word, then saw LATI and sent it in. Never thought to double check.

    • Pete Muller says:

      I’m not sure it helps, but you’re not the only one who did that.
      LATI is already represented in PLATINUM.

      • Tony says:

        No worries. I know I’m not the one who didn’t fully understand the progression aspect of the scale notes. Not the first time I’ve stumbled and won’t be the last. They’re still fun and that’s the perspective I have with these.

  3. rachaar says:

    What a palm-to-forehead moment for me. I slaved over this forever and never saw it. Unreal. First missed MMMM of the year for me. I love the conceit on this one – very sorry I missed it.

    I did almost send in Son of a Son of a Sailor as a blind guess. Now instead I’m just sitting here muttering “son of a….”

  4. Adam Thompson says:

    Lots of Japanese food terms in the grid. I bet some people couldn’t get the N in ENOKI/UDON.

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