New daily puzzle edited by David Steinberg

David Steinberg writes:

Thrilled to announce that the 15×15 crosswords I’m editing for Andrews McMeel Universal launched on Monday (February 26)! Puzzles are available online, and they will soon start appearing in The Philadelphia InquirerThe San Francisco ExaminerThe Orange County Register, and other print and online sources.

These Puzzle Society crosswords are distinct from the Timothy Parker Universal crosswords. Exciting to see a major syndicator invest in launching a whole new line of crosswords! David reports that the difficulty level will be pitched to medium, with a Monday-to-Friday ramping of difficulty in the themed puzzles. The Saturday and Sunday crosswords will be themeless, again at the medium level.

Constructors now have another venue where they can submit their work. Andrews McMeel Universal will pay $110 per 15×15 puzzle.

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7 Responses to New daily puzzle edited by David Steinberg

  1. jeff says:

    Puzzles have been great so far, worthy of discussion…really hope the puzzle gets daily blog coverage here!

  2. Brian says:

    If you’re looking for a place to submit puzzles, David is awesome to work with!

  3. Robert White says:

    After 5 puzzles, only 1 carpy entry (FLEEK)- Yay!
    But…..printed copies of the puzzle give no author or editor credit; no date; almost all of the first column of the puzzle is cut off….

  4. Matthew G. says:

    Is there any way to get a PDF of these puzzles, or is the web app the only interface?

    • Andy says:

      David says the puzzles will “soon start appearing in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The San Francisco Examiner, the Orange County Register, and other print and online sources.” Until then, I think the online interface is the only way to get the puzzles.

  5. Alan Connor says:

    ‘A Matter Of Perspective’ is gorgeous.

  6. David Steinberg says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! While the online app is the only place to access the puzzles for the time being, I’m looking into the possibility of making Across Lites and PDFs available.

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