Fireball Contest — April 19, 2023

Grid: 30 minutes; Meta: got a nudge 


Patrick Berry’s Fireball contest, “Making the Rounds” — Conrad’s writeup

This month, we are asked, What  four-letter word is hinted at by this puzzle? There were sixteen entries with “Round” in  the clues. Here they are, in order of the rounds:

FB Contest – 04.23.2023

FB Contest – 04.23.2023

  • 36a PARTS – Expense on a garage invoice [Round 1]
  • 39a TORCH – Item pictured on the back of a dime [Round 1]
  • 44d HES – Opening word of the Beatles’ “Nowhere Man” [Round 1]
  • 56d TIP – Lifehack, e.g. [Round 1]
  • 7d CAME – Put in an appearance [Round 2]
  • 13d NEST – Digs in a tree [Round 2]
  • 43a CHIN – Uppercut target [Round 2]
  • 57a EMIT – Send forth [Round 2]
  • 4d SKI – Travel some trails [Round 3]
  • 31a SNOG – Spoon, to Spooner’s “canned grids” [Round 3]
  • 55d GOO – Sticky substance [Round 3]
  • 59a INDO – ___-European [Round 3]
  • 11a RITE – Established practice [Round 4]
  • 12a AMEN – “You said a mouthful!” [Round 4]
  • 35a NICE – “Great shot!” [Round 4]
  • 37a AVER – Profess [Round 4]

I got stuck on this one, and asked my solving pal Wendy for a nudge. She mentioned that each “round” entry shared some common ending/beginning letters. I managed to put everything together with that nudge: connect each round’s entry to create an interlocked square/rectangle:

I   E  H  M  K  O  V  I
       NEST        RITE

When followed around the edge: the interlocking words formed two new words which mapped to other grid entries:

  • ORCHESTRA PIT -> Theater section: (T)IER
  • TIME MACHINES -> Sci-fi conveyances: (U)FOS
  • NO GOODNIKS -> Scoundrels: (R)ATS
  • CINEMA VERITE -> French-titled film genre: (N)OIR

The first letter of each mapped entry spells TURN, our contest solution. Yet another amazing meta by Patrick Berry, kudos to everyone who got it.


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