Fireball Contest — June 14, 2023

Grid: an hour; Meta: got a nudge 


Peter A. Collins’ Fireball contest, “Meeting Place” — Conrad’s writeup

This month, we are asked, What tourist attraction is hinted at by this puzzle? There were two long vertical entries:

  • [Vacation variety]: SIGHTSEEINGTRIP
  • [Stop on a 4-Down]: POINTOFINTEREST
FB Contest – 06.14.2023 - Solution

FB Contest – 06.14.2023 – Solution

It took me a long time to complete the grid (par for the course for a Fireball crossword). Then I got stuck for days. It’s an interesting meta: no real theme entries that I could find beyond the two long downs, and the clues didn’t matter, either. I asked a friend for a nudge and got one, and… still didn’t see it. I collaborated with another friend, and I got it (with tons of help). It’s a word search meta.

The states UTAH, COLORADO, NEW MEXICO and ARIZONA are joined diagonally in the grid. That makes Four Corners our contest solution. Sadly, I noticed the four connected central squares and tried word searches in the grid, but missed it. In hindsight: NEW MEXICO was my best chance to spot it, as it begins in a corner of the grid. I don’t submit for contest prizes when I get a nudge, and am curious how many people solved this compared to other Fireball metas. Solvers: Please share your thoughts. Did you spot the four states?

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4 Responses to Fireball Contest — June 14, 2023

  1. PJ says:

    Excellent neta! I didn’t see the states but I definitely should have, I feel like I let one get away

  2. Simon says:

    I knew we were looking for some kind of tourist attraction from the hint and the long downs, but for the longest time I couldn’t see anything happening in the grid. “Meeting Place,” hmm… A place where two rivers meet, or two countries’ borders? For a while I thought all those hints might be red herrings of some kind. Then, just when I was about to give up, I spied COLORADO – which made me think of Four Corners – and excitedly realized the other three states were there too. Very fun!

  3. BarbaraK says:

    From Peter’s email, 36 people solved this one, which is well below average, but not as low as the 20 in February or 6 last October.

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