Muller Monthly Music Meta, September 2023

puzzle 7:00; meta DNF (Matt)


Prompt: The meta for this puzzle is a famous singer.
Answer: ???

My MMMM streaks comes to a tragic(omic) end! I got most of the way there, but I dozed off while putting my daughter to bed and forgot to set my alarm for 9:30 PM for one last shot at the meta, then woke up 10 minutes after the deadline. Alas!

I’d noticed that PINE, FIR, OAK, ASH, ELM, and TEAK concealed themselves symmetrically in six across entries, and that PICNIC TABLES at 15-D and 45-D clued as [Park structures usually constructed from timber] meant doing something with those six. But I didn’t figure out exactly what.

Someone tell us the answer in comments! Just 207 right answers this week so definitely missable, though I see it took Paolo P. just 8 minutes!

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7 Responses to Muller Monthly Music Meta, September 2023

  1. BethA says:

    I was worried about you when there was no post!

    Carrie Underwood

    Form a picnic table from each of the woods by taking the letter under each end — you get Carrie. Then notice that they are all under wood! I got a great laugh out of it.

    • Matt Gaffney says:

      Darn it! She was on my shortlist for a WAG, along with Ron Wood. I had noticed that Pete + Mack had scrupulously avoided using the word “wood” in the clue for 15-D.

      I had tried the right idea but I used the central letter (s) beneath the 3- and 4-letter trees, which yielded LOS DORDDLE. I hadn’t thought to use the first letter.

      • Mikey G says:

        LOS DORDDLE is up-and-coming; they’ll be huge in a few years. (Sorry about the streak; here’s to the next one!)

        I would’ve used Michelle Branch as a WAG, though I’m not sure how familiar she is to many!

        Think I saw the two Cs under the first tree after many hours of frustration (that’s what the meta life is all about sometimes!), and that gave me it. Also noticed the careful wording of PICNIC TABLES’ clue.

        Fun one!

  2. Steve Blais says:

    I completely forgot about Pete’s meta (sorry Pete!) until Saturday evening, but I still managed to grok it with a few hours left.

    Look at the “legs” of each “table” (i.e. each type of wood), and the answer should come to you.

  3. Eric H says:

    I missed the PINE and the TEAK, not that it made any difference. I’ve heard of Carrie Underwood, but don’t know any of her music. Even if I had come up with Carrie, I doubt I’d have gotten the last name without some internet help.

    It’s been so long since I’ve gotten the meta on one of these MMMM puzzles that I can’t even remember what the last one I got was.

  4. Pete+Muller says:

    Hi Matt

    209 correct answers this week…as BethA posted, the “legs” under the wood tables spell out C-A-R-R-I-E.

    Seems almost unfair to have your streak end from oversleeping!

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