ORCA Awards: Vote by Friday for the best 2023 crosswords


Voting is now closed for this year’s ORCA Awards. Winners will be announced on March 6 during a livestream filled with games and prizes. Go here for more information!

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2 Responses to ORCA Awards: Vote by Friday for the best 2023 crosswords

  1. Xworder says:

    The streams shows only 3 people tuned in to this self-important, political, glaringly uninclusive, pat-ourselves-on-the-back “award show” for friends tied to those involved.

    The best clues of the year were especially bad nominees… there were way more clever clues, and some in venues you don’t even cover, than those nominated.

    Cracks me up that so many people got swept up into hosting or being involved in this self-congratulatory, political awards event, to have only 3 people tune in.

    I haven’t heard of half the presenters, who are constructors, I’m assuming?

    Shows how important these ORCA Awards are…

    • Brian Cross says:

      Aside from the bizarre, unsubstantiated criticism, your claim is drastically incorrect. There were well over 100 users on the Orca Awards live Twitch stream, and many more have already started to watch the posted video.

      I enjoyed the Orca awards presentation and from the chat it’s clear that many others did as well. Congrats to the winners and well done to the organizers and presenters!

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