Fireball Contest February 28, 2024

Grid: untimed; Meta: DNF 


Jeffrey Harris’ contest, “Share and Share Alike” — Conrad’s writeup

This month, we are asked, What eight-letter word is hinted at by this puzzle? There were four theme entries with parenthetical clues:

FB Contest – 02.28.2024

FB Contest – 02.28.2024

  • Area of study (5,1): FIELD
  • What two extended fingers might mean (3,6): PEACE
  • Like a shot (4,7): FAST
  • Common flag symbols (8,2): STARS

I scanned the grid and clues a few times and spotted the clue for HAROLD: “Stripes” co-screenwriter Ramis. I had step one: STARS and stripes, FIELD and stream, etc:

  • FIELD: Stream watcher’s website -> TWITCH
  • PEACE: War battle simulation -> REENACTMENT
  • STARS: “Stripes” co-screenwriter Ramis: HAROLD
  • FAST: Loose in enforcement: LAX

And then I… couldn’t find step two. Solvers: please let me know what I missed.



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2 Responses to Fireball Contest February 28, 2024

  1. Giovanni P. says:

    Turns out there’s another word in the clues that can go with the parenthetical words, before and after style. Like WAR AND PEACE AND QUIET. They are all symmetrically placed in the grid.

    First letters of the grid entries in parenthetical order spell the apropos answer THROUPLE.

  2. Tyler Hinman says:

    I got this one with only about ten minutes to spare, and my break-in that led me to the answer actually wasn’t correct itself! I noticed “War” and “battle” could both precede FIELD, which got me thinking on the right lines even though I had to throw out that initial insight.

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