Congratulations to the Marbles Crossword Tournament winners!

In Chicago, the tournament took place in the event room at the flagship Grand Avenue Marbles store. The winners are as follows:

  1. Joshua Kreitzer
  2. Marty Howard
  3. Alison Howard

In the Twin Cities, the Marbles tournament was held in the Mall of America (home to a Marbles store). And the winners are:

  1. Andrew Ries
  2. Victor Barocas
  3. Marcia Brodt

Moving towards the East Coast, we have the Columbia, Maryland, Marbles winners:

  1. Marie desJardins
  2. Angela Halsted
  3. Alex Jeffrey

And in the Philadelphia area, the Marbles store in the King of Prussia Mall crowned the following champs:

  1. Jeff Hyson
  2. Matt Sandler
  3. Paul Coulter

Congratulations to all 12 finalists, and thanks to all the participants for coming out to play.

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  1. Anne E says:

    Congrats to all of you! Very sorry to have missed judging in Chicago… just too ill. Next time, I hope! And a shout-out to Amy for all the work she does on the Chicago tournament… I’m sure it went as well this year as in all the previous years!

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