Don’t forget Patrick Blindauer’s monthly puzzle tomorrow

Head to constructor Patrick Blindauer’s site tomorrow, May 1, for his next monthly puzzle. It is, alas, a PDF-only puzzle, so those of you without access to a printer will miss out. I just finished the puzzle (Patrick sent me and Fiend blogger Matt Gaffney a sneak preview) and I may have worked on it for, I dunno, an hour? Anyway, I conquered the beast!

Matt’s review of the puzzle will, obviously, be chock full of spoilers for anyone who hasn’t already done Patrick’s puzzle. So we’ll hold off posting that until later on Tuesday, if not Wednesday, to give you a chance to tackle the puzzle first.

So I have already given you the spoiler of “This is a tough puzzle.” The second nonspecific spoiler is that I’ll be giving it a 5-star rating.

If you click the link before May 1, you’ll see “Free Monthly Puzzle for April.” Matt gives away the key to the April puzzle in his May puzzle review, so if you missed “Route System,” go ahead and solve that crossword too.

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