Assorted announcements!

  1. The American Values Club Crossword is becoming a premium feature for Slate Plus subscribers! (And will still be available to regular AVXword subscribers via email, as always.) Details below.
  2. There’s a crossword tournament on Saturday, October 1, in the Long Island hamlet of Oceanside. Details below.

Slate Plus is sweetening its subscription deal by adding the AV Club crossword. They’re launching the new puzzle service today, with a freebie crossword by Angela “Puzzlegirl” Halsted and a subscribers-only crossword by themeless specialist Kameron Austin Collins. The Slate Plus puzzles will be online only, while the AV Club puzzles-by-email service will continue to provide assorted downloadable, save-for-later-able puzzle files (along with bonus puzzles the Slate Plus readers won’t receive). If you never got around to subscribing to the puzzle but you love Slate’s premium content, you’re in luck because you’ll start getting the crosswords this week!

The Oceanside Library is hosting its second annual crossword tournament at 11 am on 10/1, with unpublished NYT puzzles courtesy of Will Shortz for the Expert division and easier puzzles for the other solvers. Click here for registration details or call (516) 766-2360, option 4.

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